Dental Pain Eraser - Professional Chairside Kit
Dental Pain Eraser - Professional Chairside Kit

Dental Pain Eraser - Professional Chairside Kit

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Erase dental pain for good!

The Dental Pain Eraser for the dental professional is designed to sit chairside in an easy reach access cradle, similar to a curing light, for day to day use in patient care and relief of pain during many dental procedures, both soft and hard tissue. Following removal of barrier, cleaning and disinfection, a new tip is applied and is ready to use for the next patient.

The Dental Pain Eraser offers effective, targeted pain relief from dental pain, orthodontic pain, canker sore pain and tooth sensitivity with no side effects.


Benefits include:

  • Easy to use: Keep it chairside so it is ready to use to ease patient's pain
  • Immediate: Relieves oral pain in seconds and lasts for hours (Clinical trials published in April 2019 Journal of Clinical Orthodontics)
  • Drug-Free: Completely non-opioid solution
  • Affordable
  • Portable: Use in office or take home now with a prescription
  • FDA Cleared
  • Blocks pain using patented Advanced Pulsewave Technology

Dental Pain Eraser Professional Chairside Kit includes: 

  • Dental Pain Eraser
  • 3 Replacement Tips
  • Protective Cap

Approximate battery life usage and procedures per Dental Pain Eraser device in the Professional Chairside Kit is over 150 two-minute applications (330 minute-software shut off time to ensure highest quality of Pulse-Wave delivery).

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